Bots provide assistance similar to a human by processing text or voice input. They are programmed to communicate with humans over the Internet and minimise the need of human interaction with agents by providing automated response to queries from data bank in a conversational format.

The Bot answers FAQs, responds to queries and provides you daily updates such as book a table, Search for a destination, best deal, search for products, delay reply, modify ticket bookings and seat reservations to list a few. etc… 

Build intelligent virtual assistants for your websites, web shop, booking and messaging apps. and Never miss a chance to engage with your customers

The Challenge

You wanted to provide a 24/7 customer support channel to your customers without need to scale existing contact center operations. Obviously you will be looking for a solution that could respond to customers instantly irrespective of the channel or time. 

Some of the challenges you will be facing are: 

  • High cost of customer service 
  • Repetitive questions 
  • Limited 24/7 support channel for customer queries 
  • Contact Center does not scale well to unforeseen peaks or troughs
Chatbot Swekki
ChatBot customer support

The Solution

Is to develop a virtual customer service support (chatbot) let the machine answer all the requirements, do the task, schedule and re-schedule  appointments. Without taking any second break and serving 100 of people in the same time. 

With the right chatbot, your customers can find what they’re looking for while they chat, without having to click around the site on their own.

improves customer satisfaction, earns leads and delivers exceptional experiences using conversational AI chatbot technology. ChatBot can serve your business need without the  hassle 

  • Webshop
  • Customer support 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Internal Communication 
  • Crisis Support 

All without needing to speak to a human representative.

The chatbot can be a Personal Assistant for shoppers, Travellers, Tourism, Transportation, Etc..
Deliver Next-Level experience with Customer Service Chatbots.