The world of mobile computing and technology has revolutionised to the extent of doing away with the traditional shopping.

The role of business owners all over the world has been completely redefined by technology. Through technology, it is now easier for the shopper to find their desired brands, goods, or Service while also making it possible for the business owner to find the right customer. In this case, technology has had the positive impacts on shopping. Mobile shopping has become increasingly popular among the people.  

The rise of the technology makes it easy for the shoppers and the business owners make business online without even a 1 meeting. 

The online presence for any business not enough to be only on social media, it is required now to have a online shopping store despite what they are selling. companies are required to build their store online, today people are busy and 62% of shopping it happened online are between 8PM and 11PM. 

The strong relationships built through the smart technology thus resulting in a higher return on their business investment. When the mobile and web store is done appropriately, it helps in the provision of a great impression of the company’s brand. Apart from the social media platforms that are accessed through the smartphones, other essential features that are considered by companies to develop smart technology stores include video and full product description. 

The advancement in technology has made businesses to be more and more mobile. The applications on the smartphones are meant to bridge the gap between shoppers and business owners. Such makes the communication and processes to be faster through instant communities, video features and also messaging. Businesses are focused to attract more and more customers, and it is much much cheaper of opening another branch in another city or country, today the world are connected trough Internet, all you need focus on your online presence and the rest will come eventually. 

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