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How has the Development of Technology Contributed to the Changes in the World Today?

Today, as I sat in my usual cafe waiting for my coffee which was still being brewed. I could see lots of young folks punching the keypads of their phones with all seriousness. As I turned to the reception desk, I saw a young man paying for his meal with his Visa card. All of a sudden the thought struck me, How has technology transformed the world of today? Lots of thoughts crossed my mind on how the various developments in the tech world have contributed to the changes in the world. These changes are currently sweeping through every facet of our lives ranging from business, communication and a whole lot more. 

How has technology contributed to the changes in our world today?

In the world today, technology and business are intertwined because they both need each other to succeed. With the introduction of several platforms, online tools, businesses around the globe has received a quantum leap. Today, we can chant, take your business everywhere you go just because of technology. With the introduction of online payment processing platforms such as PayPal, Payoneer, Swish and others, online shopping process has become more fun. According to Philip Dorgan, Altium Securities Analyst and Wall Street Analyst, “the online market is growing faster than the underlying retail market and sectors such as clothing are growing even faster”. Online shopping is now the order of the day all of over the globe because it can be done anywhere. With the increased developments in the tech world, the buyer is better informed about a product and can navigate through the web to find the ones that suit them.

Firms all over the world today, advertise recruitments on the internet instead of the newspapers. With online communication and messaging platforms like Skype, Facebook, FaceTime, interviews can be organised without the physical presence of the applicants. Today, Human resource personnel’s can carry out background checks on an applicant through his/her social media accounts. This day, business deals are handled online with just the two parties setting up video conference call. 

Other facet of our lives has also not been left out. Technology has contributed to the rise in literacy level all over the world. With online schools and E- distance learning platforms scattered all over the Internet, the acquisition of education has now become easy. People planning to learn several skills can acquire them with the aid of YouTube, Lynda, and Udemy platforms. Cultural differences are easily understood because of the various online search engines where one can find out about a distant culture and learn about them. Educational growth has significantly increased which has in turned produced leaders all around the globe.

Relationships and communication have considerably improved. With the steady development of technology, communication has gone digital. With over 4 billion mobile phones in the world today, communication is now as easy as pressing your keypad. The advent of Instant Messaging Applications. Social Media Platforms, and Emails has seen the communication level in the world rise. Today, families and friend can relate and discuss easily on the internet. 

The developments in the technology world have contributed immensely to the changes in our world today. This changes although if not properly handled may turn out negative, but the positive benefits overwhelm the negative.

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